The Productivity Conference

Join us online on Tuesday, February 28th (Americas) and Wednesday,
March 1st (Europe, Middle-east, Africa, Asia-Pacific)!
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Be more productive at work.

Join us for LevelUp, the ultimate productivity conference, to unlock your full potential. From thought-provoking guest speakers to engaging breakout sessions, you'll walk away with creative ideas that save you time, improve collaboration with your teams, and let your work flow.
What to Expect

The productivity event you won't want to miss.

Get the inside scoop on our product vision, strategy, and roadmap, and celebrate our biggest product milestones yet!
Best Practices From Our Community
Learn actionable strategies and real-world tips from ClickUp customers.
ClickUp 3.0 Product Deep Dives
Hear from ClickUp product experts about the latest platform and product innovations.
Industry Experts
Get inspired by innovative ideas and stories from industry thought leaders about how they're staying productive while navigating the new world of work.
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Content Tracks

Six action-packed content tracks.

Main Stage

Learn about our latest product developments and strategic vision as well as how our most innovative customers are using ClickUp to unlock productivity.

ClickUp Product Innovations

Hear directly from our product leaders about new and exciting platform enhancements and get a sneak peek at what's coming next with ClickUp.

Making ClickUp Work for You

Take your ClickUp skills to the next level with time-saving tips and strategies from some of our most successful users.

Working Better Together

Learn how to bring your entire team together to boost collaboration and productivity no matter where they work. Ideal for leaders and managers looking to crush their team goals.

Optimizing Your ClickUp Environment

See how game-changing businesses are taking full control of ClickUp to meet the unique needs of their teams and tackle big challenges.

Productivity In Action

Hear from productivity experts on the latest approaches and best practices to help you save time.


See the full agenda here.

Select your region below to see the full agenda and live broadcast times for your timezone. LevelUp will be broadcast live for the Americas audience (and still
available to all regions) on February 28th, 2023 with additional live broadcasts for EMEA and APAC on March 1st, 2023.

Feb 28 - 8:30am PT

Keynote Broadcast

Join the broadcast to watch the keynote together! The first 30 minutes of this broadcast will be a pre-party featuring DJ Rod and KJ.

Productivity Pre-Party

Get pumped for the day with the musical stylings of ClickUp's very own DJ Rod and KJ!
Zeb Evans Shailesh Kumar Haris Butt
Zeb Evans, Founder & CEO, ClickUp
Shailesh Kumar, SVP of Engineering, ClickUp
Haris Butt, Head of Product Design, ClickUp

Productivity, Reimagined

Be the first to get a look at ClickUp 3.0 along with our vision for the future of productivity. Hear from our CEO Zeb Evans, SVP of Engineering Shailesh Kumar, and Head of Design Haris Butt as they discuss this milestone release. You'll get all the details on our new architecture, the latest feature releases, and future roadmap for the ultimate productivity platform that enables teams to work the way they want to work.
Angela Bunner
Angela Bunner, VP Solutions, Services, Customer Enablement, ClickUp

Productivity Rocket Fuel: Investing in Your Ongoing Success

We're in a new economy, which brings new opportunities and challenges. Join our VP of Solutions, Angela Bunner to hear all about how ClickUp is providing customers like you all the resources they need to supercharge past anything and become more productive as an organization.
Marshall Tyler
Marshall Tyler, Chief Strategy Officer, ClickUp

ClickUp's New Partner Ecosystem: Taking You From Unlimited Potential to Masterpiece

One of the best things about ClickUp is its unlimited potential. But with so many opportunities on the table, getting started and maximizing its full power can be overwhelming! In this session, Marshall Tyler, ClickUp's Chief Strategy Officer will unveil new resources designed to help businesses of all sizes get the most value out of ClickUp.
Feb 28 - 10:15am

Productivity In Action

Join the broadcast to watch track sessions together!
Jim Kwik
Jim Kwik, CEO & Founder, NYT Bestselling Author, Brain Coach

Brain-Based Productivity: How to Overcome Distraction to Achieve More & Learn Faster With Jim Kwik

Ready to level up your productivity? Brain coach and New York Times best-selling author Jim Kwik will teach you how to keep up and get ahead with limitless productivity to save time and use it to pursue your passions.
Jim Bartolomea Pat Wadors Priti Patel
Jim Bartolomea, Senior Vice President of People, ClickUp
Pat Wadors, Chief People Officer, UKG
Priti Patel, Chief People Officer, G2

Why Productivity is at the Heart of a World-Class Employee Experience

In today's world of hybrid and remote work, cultivating a great employee experience is more important than ever. Hear from HR leaders at ClickUp, UKG, and G2 about how the role of HR is changing in order to build productive and successful organizations where every employee can thrive and do meaningful work.
Gaurav Agarwal Kipp Bodnar
Gaurav Agarwal, Chief Growth Officer, ClickUp
Kipp Bodnar, CMO, HubSpot

How Productivity Impacts the Customer Lifecycle in Today's Market

The foundation of a successful business includes an end-to-end customer journey with exceptional customer experience, engagement, and responsiveness. Hear from HubSpot and ClickUp about how to enhance your business's productivity to ultimately make it easier to attain and retain customers.
Chris Marsh
Chris Marsh, Research Director, 451 Research

5 Secrets to Unlocking Productivity

Is the rise of productivity tools actually increasing productivity or simply making the problem worse by spreading work across an even greater set of apps? Chris Marsh, Research Director at 451, will unpack the latest data and predictions about how to become and stay productive.
Charlie 'Rocket' Jabaley
Charlie "Rocket" Jabaley, Founder & CEO, Dream Machine Foundation

How to Achieve Your Wildest Dreams with Charlie Rocket

Charlie "Rocket" Jabaley, Founder & CEO, Dream Machine Foundation, managed Grammy-winning artists before surviving a brain tumor and changing the course of his life by starting a nonprofit and raising $5M for people in need. Learn from Charlie's story about achieving your wildest dreams and how living a truly productive life means giving back.
Feb 28 - 10:15am

ClickUp Product Innovations

Join the broadcast to watch track sessions together!
Zach Blodgett Jennifer Hale
Zach Blodgett, Group Product Manager, Work Management, ClickUp
Jennifer Hale, Senior Solutions Engineer, ClickUp

Amp'd Up Collaboration: Reimagining Docs, Whiteboards, and More!

Distributed work is here to stay and it’s time for technology to anticipate and empower collaboration, instead of just supporting it. In this session, you’ll hear about the powerful new enhancements and features we’ve brought to ClickUp 3.0 to make working together easier and more impactful than ever before!
Caroline Ginty Holly Peck
Caroline Ginty, Lead Product Manager, Fields & Relationships, ClickUp
Holly Peck, Solutions Engineer, ClickUp

Flex to Your Work: Build Your Ideal Workspace With Powerful New Features

Everyone wants a platform that’s designed for their specific use case. That’s why we’re introducing new features that will make ClickUp even more flexible. In this session, you’ll learn how ClickUp 3.0 is getting even more customizable to empower your team’s unique workflows.
Ivan Villa Mike Slaby
Ivan Villa, Senior Product Manager, ClickUp
Mike Slaby, Senior Solutions Engineer, ClickUp

Boost Personal Productivity: Streamline Your Workflow for Greater Efficiency

You need a one-stop-shop for your most-important work and ClickUp 3.0 is making this a reality. In this session, hear how our redesigned features are making it easy to cut through the noise and take your personal productivity to the next level.
Sean Kilcullen Margot Moore
Sean Kilcullen, Group Product Manager, Project Management, ClickUp
Margot Moore, Manager, SMB / Mid Market Professional Service, ClickUp

A Mobile First Experience: Access Your Work From the Palm of Your Hand

Free yourself from your desk! Today’s workforce is on the move and requires a tool that will travel with them! In this session, hear all about our re-imagined mobile app, designed with your most-common mobile use cases in mind!
Ivan Kanevski >Rhea Faroon
Ivan Kanevski, Director of Product, Search, ClickUp
Rhea Faroon, Senior Solutions Engineer, ClickUp

One Stop Shop: Centralize Your Work, No Matter Where it Lives

Don't let information silos decrease your productivity. In this session, you’ll learn how ClickUp 3.0 is breaking down barriers and making it easier for you to find and take action on all your work from one place.
Feb 28 - 10:15am

Community Stories Broadcast

Join the broadcast to watch track sessions together!
Sam Pavitt
Sam Pavitt, Head of Product, Gatekeeper

Building High-Trust Teams to Supercharge Product Development 🚀

Join Sam Pavitt as he guides you through common Product Engineering pitfalls, discusses the benefits of allowing people to choose their own daily tasks and walks you through how to establish self-motivating, high-trust teams.
Daria Girju
Daria Girju, Digital Demand Generation Specialist, Finastra

3 Ways to Achieve Cross-Team Visibility for Client Testimonials

Join Daria Gîrju, the ClickUp expert and admin at Finastra, as she provides tips and strategies for collecting, curating, and sharing client testimonials in a way that maximizes their impact. We will discuss how ClickUp can help you easily collect client nominations for testimonials, track the development of case studies and how to use testimonials across various marketing channels.
Ryan Coyne
Ryan Coyne, Chief Technology Officer, SERHANT

From Herding Cats to Efficiency That Slaps

Join Ryan Coyne as he shows how SERHANT found operational efficiency while going from 10 people in 2020 to over 400 just over two years later, and how they continue to maintain their sanity, thanks in large part to ClickUp.
Juli Durante
Juli Durante, VP of Operations, Impulse Creative

5 Ways Our Agency Uses ClickUp for Scalable and Measurable Collaboration

Tripling in size is an exciting time for any agency. Doing it all in less than a year, even more so. Join Juli Durante as she takes you through how her agency team tackled 3x growth by moving to ClickUp and operationalized the platform to scale and communicate internally and with clients.
Mina Nady
Mina Nady, Program Manager, MCV

The Road to Success: Hop On MCV's Bus! Last Stop, Ultimate Work Visibility

Join this session by Mina Nady, Program Manager at MCV to learn how they use ClickUp to manage the manufacturing of global buses and commercial vehicles, increase visibility across departments and deliver on leadership's work visibility initiatives, and build a seamless experience for all employees from the executive team to the field team.
Feb 28 - 10:15am

Community Stories Broadcast

Join the broadcast to watch track sessions together!
Mason Drastal
Mason Drastal, Senior Manager, Dentsu Creative

Excel At Work & Life:
The Secret To Unlocking Your Most Productive Self

In today’s busy world, is it possible to find satisfaction while juggling your work and personal lives? Tune into this session led by Mason Drastal, business transformation pro at Dentsu Creative by day, advocacy champion and entrepreneur by night, as he shares his ClickUp productivity tips for realizing a fulfilling work / life integration.
Catie Drummond
Catie Drummond, Senior Project Manager, Signal Theory

Cat's Out of the Bag: Maximize Your Productivity By Building Your Personal ClickUp System

In this session, Catie Drummond, Senior Project Manager at Signal Theory (and resident cat expert), will share her experience finding a personal organization system and utilizing ClickUp as a productivity tool to manage triggers that break organizational habits.
Marisa Chentakul
Marisa Chentakul, Co-Founder, LifeAt

From 0 to 1 Million Users in a Year: How to Build a Following With ClickUp

When you work for a fast-moving startup, it's hard to stay focused, especially when you wear multiple hats. Whether you're responsible for design, content creation, community building, growth, or all of the above, join this session to hear Marisa's tips on staying productive, organized, and effective in the chaos of startup life.
Eloiza Serate
Eloiza Serate, Vetted ClickUp Consultant, Virtual Champions PH

The Playbook for Building Game-Changing ClickUp Templates

Are you getting lost in the rabbit hole and finding it tough to get past the initial ClickUp learning curve? Whether you're already using ClickUp templates or not, this session will provide you with effective steps to customize ClickUp's pre-built templates to fit your needs and to supercharge your productivity.
Yvonne Heimann
Yvonne Heimann, Business Efficiency Consultant, Ask Yvi

Put the Human Back Into Project Management and Be the Most Productive Ever With ClickUp

We've seen it over and over... You have the best intention of living out your most productive self at work. But effectively managing your time and tapping into all the tools and resources at your fingertips have you increasingly overwhelmed. In this session, you will learn how to put the human back into your processes.
Feb 28 - 10:15am

Community Stories Broadcast

Join the broadcast to watch track sessions together!
Kathryn Stannard
Kathryn Stannard, Senior Program Manager, Salesforce

Go Lean! Removing Waste with Integration Design

Get an overview of how our team built an integration between ClickUp and Sales Cloud to better manage support requests incoming from ClickUp projects with Sales Cloud case management functionality.
Maggie Hanlon
Maggie Hanlon, Director of Engineering Operations, Luma Healthcare

Tips from an Operations Pro: What to Do As You Scale Your Company With ClickUp

An actionable session to address your company growth and your evolving needs with ClickUp. You will leave with 3 tangible takeaways you can implement in your ClickUp Workspace.
Tiffany Vedamuthu Janet Zarecor Heather Meyer
Tiffany Vedamuthu, Project Manager, Mayo Clinic
Janet Zarecor, Director of Curriculum Development, Mayo Clinic
Heather Meyer, Program Manager, Mayo Clinic

Change is Hard: Creating an Adoption Plan to Breed Success

Create and implement training plans to help effectively onboard staff quickly and confidently into a new platform. This session will include a brief review of Mayo Clinic’s use cases which is by far the best implementation and adoption their teams have ever had in their department for any new platform.
Leon Prather
Leon Prather, Manager, Digital Product Operations, AVIXA

The 3 C's of Communications in ClickUp

If you and your teams have found yourselves thinking "How can I streamline communications in ClickUp?" then this session is for you. We will show you the best practices you need to work together better and unlock the potential of your teams.
Ryan Ingole
Ryan Ingole, Associate Project Manager, Kulzer North America

The Secrets to Building the Perfect Dashboard

Join this session to learn how to translate repetitive, time-consuming reporting into meaningful, birds-eye view ClickUp Dashboards that any stakeholder can navigate.

Some of our favorite sessions from last year's LevelUp.

The Future of Work and the Future of ClickUp

How to Customize your Workspace and Make Your Work Work for You

Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know

The San Diego Padres & ClickUp: A Productivity Home Run

From Master of Skating to Master of Business Productivity: A Fireside Chat with Tony Hawk

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What is LevelUp and who should attend?
LevelUp is a live web conference that unites experts in business and productivity with people who are looking to level up their lives using ClickUp, too! If you're an efficiency enthusiast interested in increasing your work-life productivity, you're our audience!
When and where is the next LevelUp?
LevelUp will be broadcast online in the Americas (and available to all regions) on February 28th. There will be an additional broadcast on March 1st, 2023 for the convenience of participants in the Europe, Middle-east, Africa (EMEA) and Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions.
Will the event be recorded?
Yes! All sessions will be recorded and available immediately for on demand viewing post event. Register for free to get full access to the sessions on Feb 28th and beyond! You can find all the past recordings from 2021 here!
Are you accepting speakers for the next event?
Our CFP is currently closed for LevelUp 2023.
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