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Panna is the clever Gantt chart used to deliver quality creative projects.

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Open source * Google Sheets compatible

Panna enables you to easily create and update a schedule for any type of project. The clever dynamic dates help you to bring clarity to your project, map out different scenario's and stay in control while responding to change.

#1 Effortless

Panna does the math

Using dynamic dates, Panna does all the math for you. You build a complex project schedule on the fly.

#2 No mistakes

Skip New Year’s day

One central dashboard to manage key dates & resources

Holidays are excluded from the planning automatically

#3 Transparency

Always up-to-date

Panna enables you to respond to change fast. Get rid of black-box project management and lead they way for your clients and co-workers.

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Panna for Film production by Kep Bruinsma
Understanding the basics of CPM calculations
Panna 0.8
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